The website will be focused on WordPress & Lazarus development.

For the moment you will see 3 projects:

ZPC Update Products: New WordPress Plugin. You can bulk edit prices for all your ‘simple’ products. It is intended to become a landing page for all bulk product updates, not only for prices.

MuPDFLib: I am using the MuPDF libraries in a few new projects, and I found the last version to work with Lazarus is 1.08.  I have now already updated the work of Blestan Tabakov and Dinko Miljak and brought the basic support for MuPDF to version 1.17.0.
V1.17.0 is still work in progress. Basic function work. ow I will try to understand the MuPDF library better and add functionality from MuPDF to this project.

XiXMusicPlayer is still updated once in a while, but the sourceforge code needs to be update. Its is also available on Github
Because I want this app to compile for HaikuOS swell, I left the un4seen BASS-Libraries, and went on using UOS for Pascal.  I have a working version for MacOS, but I am still working on it.

I haven’t worked for  a long time on MagicKeeper and CoinCatalog, so these are outdated and removed from this site.