Welcome on my new website.

The website will be focused on pascal development.
Please note that this is intended as a hobby project.

For the moment you will see 4 projects:

  • MuPDFLib for PASCAL

These are outdated, but will be replaced with newer content and updated sources.

PDFDOC is the newest project.
I am using the MuPDF libraries in a few new projects, and I found the last version to work with Lazarus is 1.08.  I have now already updated the work of Blestan Tabakov and Dinko Miljak and brought the basic support for MuPDF to version 1.11.
Now I am trying to tackle version 1.12.0, but I have now previous experience with working with libraries like this.  A lot has changed between the two version and I am a bit stuck.  So, any help would be welcome.

XiXMusicPlayer is still updated once in a while, but the source forge code needs to be update.
Because I want this app to compile for HaikuOS swell, I left the un4seen BASS-Libraries, and went on using UOS for Pascal.  I have a working version for MacOS, but I am still working on it.

I haven’t worked for  a long time on MagicKeeper and CoinCatalog, so these are outdated.  Maybe one time I will update these.


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