WordPress Plugin: ZPC Updates Products (5 sites)
WordPress Plugin: ZPC Updates Products (5 sites)

WordPress Plugin: ZPC Updates Products (5 sites)


Wordpress Plugin, eCommerce, WooCommerce

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ZPC Update Products let you bulk edit your products in a very user friendly matter. Raise or lower the sell price by a percentage or value.  You can select products on Category or select several single products.  Prices can be changed manual, or in batch using a fixed value or percentage.  The changes are previewed. Row price change color indication.
WooCommerce compatible.

Keep it simple and focus on what matters. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed.


User friendly is the main key:  where most of the bulk editors are overwhelming you with options, ZPC Price Updates keeps the selecting options to the minimum.  Using the KISS principle, you are getting results more quickly than other plugins.


The plugin is still in developing stage.  All items mentioned as feature already work and are stable.
You can NOW purchase the plugin at a reduced price (and support our effort), and the period of the one-year license will be extended and just start running from the moment we launch version 1.0.  This version will also be offered in the WordPress Plugin overview.


License for up to 5 sites.
1 Year updates & support.


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