MuPDFLib for FreePascal

Bringing the newest MuPDF Library to FreePascal/Lazarus.
Stable version 1.13
WIP: 1.17

XiX Music Player

XiX Music Player is a free Music Player for Linux (Intel & ARM), Windows and MacOS
HaikuOS is on the ToDo list.

zittergie_coin_catalog-290187-1253504210Zittergie’s CoinCatalog

CoinCatalog is een Gratis Software Catalogus en munten beheer programma.  Deze catalogus werkt voor Windows, Linux en MacOS.
Dit is een hobby project.

magickeeperZittergie’s MagicKeeper

MagicKeeper is a free database for Magic The Gathering Cards. You can keep track of your own collection, make your own decks, or use one of the pre-defined decks. This is a hobby project. Features will be added in time.