This software did not get any updates in the last years. All downloads are removed.


MagicKeeper is a database for Magic The Gathering Cards. You can keep track of your own collection, make your own decks, or use one of the pre-defined decks. The work on this software is just started, and is done in freetime. Features will be added in time.

Using MagicKeeper is completely free, however you can choose to support the software by a donation.

The Database used for this application is the MagicDB from MagicAssistant (http://sourceforge.net/projects/mtgbrowser/)
Fields for Artist, Rating, Collector’s Number, For Trade are not yet used, but will be in one of the next updates.

This is an ALPHA VERSION. NO SUPPORT is given.

17b: Added Shadows over Innistrad, Eldritch Moon & Kaladesh

Zittergie’s MagicKeeper runs on Linux, Windows & MacOS X.
Development is done in LINUX & MacOS, other platforms are not very well tested.
The software is in alpha release, so do not expect too much. I am concentrating on stability & online updates for now. Creating and testing your deck is next. The following features for decks are planned: Test if your deck complies to the rules, Take a real life shuffle test. Order the Cards manually, random or let the program make a decision with your preferences.



  • More than 28000 cards in database
  • Create and share your collections
  • Create and Share your decks
  • Search for a card (Type, Artist, Sub-Type, Color, Set, …)
  • Lookup cards TheGatherer or Nedermagic
  • Update online
  • Basic theme support
  • Print Support:  Card Details, Deck Details  (Collection Details will be added)


  • Share Collections online
  • Test your decks
  • Get more info online (eg. Rulings)
  • Invitations to play
  • Chat with others users

Zittergie’s MagicKeeper is free software, but, if you like it and want to support its development you may consider making a donation, by clicking the DONATE button.  Please visit the Google Ads too, because they help keeping this project alive


Download your version for free:


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9DOWNLOAD for Linux

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9DOWNLOAD for Windows

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