MuPDFLib for pascal

An effort to bring the latest MuPDFLib version to PASCAL/LAZARUS, based on the work from Dinko Miljak and Blestan Tabakov.

MuPDF is a lightweight PDF, XPS and E-Book Viewer.

You do not have many options if you want to included PDF support in your Pascal/Lazarus projects. MuPDF is maybe one of the best options, but is stuck on version 1.08 (from 2015), to be used with Lazarus.

Because I needed PDF support for different applications I work on, I stumbled on MuPDFLib. The application I am working on runs through a list of PDF’s, where using the MuPDFLib in conjunction with Google’s Tessaract, does OCR and analyzing the PDF’s.
This has to run in the background, but in the compiled DLL of MuPDFLib, there is a debug dialog, that on certain ‘errors’ give a dialog that need input. I had to work around this somehow.

That is the reason that I download the source for 1.08 and compiled it using Visual Studio 2019, and removing the popup dialog.
From there, I started to compile and try to use the next versions.

This has brought us up-to-date with the newest MuPDF version (1.17.0)

As I have no previous experience using external libraries and writing headers for them, I can use some help. So if you want the newest version of MuPDFLib support, please give me a hand.

SVN available at